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Italian conference - V edition

October 22nd 2016 - Desenzano (BS)

Nautical Bullettin

settembre, 16th 2016

The speakers list is complete!

With the latest three additions, the speakers list is complete! Keep on reading to find out what great speakers have been added to the list. You can also browse the full list if you want. Remember to grab your ticket as soon as possible!

Julian Gruber


P2P for you and me

Julian live-codes a P2P file-sharing desktop application from scratch in only 25 minutes, using nothing but a few selected public Node.js modules.

Bruno Bossola


Distributed systems with Node.js

This is the speech Bruno would have needed when he wrote his first distributed systemDT, and it’s something you need to know if you fancy working in this area. And we will also be coding some very simple examples in Node.js, as he is not a big believer of diagrams… “show me the code!”

Emily Rose


The future is Now: How to Realize Your Potential as a Cyborg

Did you know that you are a cyborg? It’s true! We have all deeply integrated technology into our lives to the point where many of us would be completely unable to function without it. Let’s explore the possibilities that lie ahead of us, and discuss ways you can take control of your own destiny as a cyborg.