- Node.js -

Italian conference - V edition

October 22nd 2016 - Desenzano (BS)

Diego Ferri / Andrea Ghidini


Computer engineers, co-founders of Looptribe. As developers they work
in several languages, mostly JS, PHP, and C#, with a strong focus on
agile techniques, quality and security. They created Paytoshi, a
Bitcoin microtransaction service written in Node.js.
Diego when not coding enjoys playing sports and videogames, reading,
and brewing beer. Andrea likes reading, playing the guitar, hiking,
and travelling.



Level: Intermediate, some NodeJS knowledge required - Schedule: 16:15 - 16:45

You’ve got the power?


We all know Node.js as the right tool to service many async i/o bound requests. But what about cpu bound services? Could it be the right choice?

As a fun exercise we will explore this scenario simulating a sandbox living world populated by multiple agents. Each agent powered by cpu-heavy ai techniques, we will see how the world evolves and how to scale the whole game simulation.