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Italian conference - V edition

October 22nd 2016 - Desenzano (BS)

Mark Nadal


Mark is a mathematician turned programmer, and has created 2 startups one of which is a VC backed Open Source company.

He has traveled to over 25 countries and fallen in love with the unique culture and food from around the world. Part of his passion for Open Source is related to the wonderful diversity he has experienced, without sharing and learning from others progress cannot be ascertained.



Level: Intermediate, some NodeJS knowledge required - Schedule: 14:30 - 15:00

Pushing the Edge of Databases


JavaScript on the server was a surprise to many, but has become a huge success. We’re pushing the limits further and putting it in the database itself. This seemingly crazy idea has some amazing implications and will change the face of the web.

  • Realtime sync with native web technologies like WebSocket and WebRTC.
  • Graph data structures similar to regular old JavaScript objects.
  • Decentralized architecture that uses the browser as a fault tolerant replica set.
  • Offline-first so things work even when your users are disconnected.

Come learn how we implemented these concepts in an open-source JavaScript database.