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Italian conference - V edition

October 22nd 2016 - Desenzano (BS)

Luca Maraschi


Luca is Software Architect and Mad Scientist at nearForm. His expertise varies from designing enterprise architecture to designing programming languages, bringing innovation with a touch of craziness. Active sustainer of open-source and bleeding edge technologies, he was attracted by node.js from 0.2.0. He enjoys his free time playing golf, kite-surfing and snowboarding.



Level: Intermediate, some NodeJS knowledge required - Schedule: 16:45 - 17:15

Deploying node.js at scale


Enterprises are used to traditional monolithic architectures and the migration to a more scalable microservices based architecture does not come without challenges. From designing to deploying the app at scale, requires a rethink of the internal processes and practices, of the way the team is coding and operations are then running the solution in production.

Microservices can then be taken to their extreme when SWIM communication and scalability enter the field, pushing the solution to its extreme.

During this talk we are going to touch the entire flow, from understanding the need of microservices to a correct implementation in node.js, through deployment and operability of the system.