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Italian conference - V edition

October 22nd 2016 - Desenzano (BS)

A quick chat with Andrea Ghidini and Diego Ferri

425629257_96744_9860886669077194809 The line up is almost done, it’s time to meet our new speakers. Today we are going to have a chat with Andrea Ghidini and Diego Ferri, from Looptribe. They’re going to handle the talk “You’ve got the power?”   at Nodejsoconf 2016.
They’re both experienced developers, using several languages (JS, PHP, and C#) with a strong focus on agile techniques, quality and security. They created Paytoshi, a Bitcoin microtransaction service written in Node.js.
Diego when not coding enjoys playing sports and videogames, reading, and brewing beer. Andrea likes reading, playing the guitar, hiking and traveling.


Hi Andrea and Diego, could you give us a quick introduction about your presentation?

We are eager to explore NodeJS outside its comfort zone: can it be used efficiently in a CPU heavy project? How does it perform and scale in such an environment? We will have fun with a simulation with multiple agents while exploring these concepts.


In your company you use different technologies, what do you like the most about NodeJS and where does it fit?

In the last few years, we had multiple uses for it: scalable backend API, background worker for long running tasks and as a web framework for fast prototyping. Our Bitcoin portal paytoshi.org is written entirely in NodeJS and boasts tons of users and transactions.


What worries you the most in the IT industry?

Legacy projects and customers.


How do you find the time to keep yourselves updated in the JavaScript world where thing changes at a very fast pace?

Keeping pace with a dynamic world it’s endemic to our job, it’s not really a burden, it’s a matter of necessity. We usually try bleeding edge features on our pet projects.


Promises or callback? 



Babel yes or Babel no?

No transpiling, thanks.


What’s your relation with Open Source?

We are ashamed to be mostly leechers.


Lots of devs are moving out of Italy these days, any thoughts about moving abroad?

We always need to say “no” to our wives, we’ll see in the future.


Is there any book you would suggest related to programming?

Is StackOverflow down?


One tip to the youngsters interested in coding?

Find a funny and interesting problem to solve, split it in smaller tasks and try to sort them out.


Do you listen to music while working? What’s your favourite playlist for coding?

Most of the time shuffling on Youtube or Spotify. We listen to various genres, spacing from movie soundtracks to electronic or classical music.


What’s your setup (laptop, OS, editor, etc.)?

Dell laptop, three displays, mechanical keyboard. Windows 10, VirtualBox and Docker, JetBrains tools.


Thanks a lot for the quick chat guys, can’t wait to see you on stage!