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Italian Conference - IV Edition

Italian Conference
IV Edition

10 October 2015 - Desenzano (BS)

Call for proposals

for all speakers at Nodejsconf Italy

We will accept submission about production node.js usage, mad science built in node (in the past we had a talk on node.js submarines!), cool modules and new approaches. Be awesome! We also accept submissions for workshops in the nodeschool format with 2 hours slots. Continue

The Venue


Hotel Desenzano

viale Cavour 40/42,
Desenzano del Garda
Brescia - Italy

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Past Editions Past Editions

This will be the fourth edition of this marvelous conference and every year is getting better

You can read more about the last edition on 2014 Site

Last year, as you probably know, we organised the third Italian conference about NodeJS, We had over 200 participants from across Europe and sessions by international speakers such as Arnout Kazemier (Socket.io), Mike McNeil (sails.js), Forbes Lindesay,Alvaro Videla, Matteo Collina. Before the conference there was also a workshop held by Gabriela Lana and Sandro Paganotti, focused on creating a fully functional web application that used NodeJS and AngularJS. Based on previous years success and the continuously growing interest in NodeJs, WEBdeBS decided to go at it again.

Who We Are Who We Are

The conference is organized by WEBdeBS

the name stands for Web Developers Brescia, the city in Italy we all come from

WEBdeBS is a group of people sharing a strong passion for everything related to the web (but not only). We meet from time to time to talk about software, software development, frameworks, programming, web/mobile and client/server technologies, and social media communication. Geek’s talk basically! (but not only). Sometimes we meet to share presentations, some other to chat till night, drinking a pirlo (a typical local drink) or a beer. This conference is born with this spirit : not strictly a commercial or promotional event, but rather a gathering organized using time, passion and willingness taken away from our daily working life. From the community for the community.